Kingdom Swap 2.0

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The platform brings together NFT and plays–to–earn gaming in one all-encompassing environment. Complete your favorite quests, visit long-forgotten locations, and most of all – take part in wars! We have enhanced it with the NFT system, creatures, and more quests that you can enjoy exclusively on our server while getting paid! You can feel the game's nostalgia as it used to be and earn some money on the side! Players can choose between four character classes: knights, paladins, sorcerers, and druids to begin their open-world adventures. To gain experience and level, you need to kill monsters; to gain Magic Level, you must spell magicians; to fight or train to make yourself stronger.




Nft Crypto Support
  • Devices: Windows
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Free To Play Crypto Required
  • Play To Earn NFT & Crypto


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