Auto staking on development

You stake once to get access to open Mystery boxes with sponsored functional games NFT, our Genesis NFT and everything else 😉

Stake SLG to get xSLG
Spend xSLG to open Mystery BOX
Win Games NFTs or Super Prize

How it Works? on development

  1. Stake SLG or earn them by helping our community
  2. Earn xSLG
  3. For every 10,000 $SLG staked per 14 days, you earn 10,000 xSLG (1=1).
  4. You can open 1 (One) Mystery box by spending 2,000 xSLG (but no single address can open more than 10 times in every 24 hours).
  5. You get bonus Drop Tickets for higher stakes (1,000,000 + SLG)
  6. The probability of a Mystery Box giving a Solido Games Genesis NFT is 15%, Partners NFT 35%, Super Prize STEP’N NFT is 1% (the super prize can change every 14 days)

You do not need to re-stake for future events. This staking is perpetual and rolls over to the next event automatically.

The staking is flexible and has no lock. You can leave whenever you like. Staking does have a short cooldown period of 14 days, meaning once you want to exit, you have to wait 14 days.

Anyone who wants to immediately unstake can do so as well. This skips the 14 days of cooldown. The penalty of that = 15%, this amount goes to the DAO treasury for spending on new super prizes!