Legend of Novaria

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In the year 2246, explorers discovered the ruins of an ancient race known as the Draken on planet CETRUS 22B. After discovering these ruins, the explorers unearthed the secrets of Draken’s technology – along with their evil plans of conquering the entire universe and sucking the life out of each and every planet they come across! After the discovery of the technology used by Draken to refine NOVA, humanity created a legendary ship called Novaria and they lived peacefully to explore their domain! Years later, Draken forces found the explorer’s stronghold and vowed to vanquish all of humanity. The explorers fought valiantly but they proved to be no match against the ruthless Draken! After their defeat, the Draken forced the rest of humanity to live like slaves, bowing to the will of the Draken. But the human spirit is strong and the explorers refused to live in shackles any longer. In a suicide mission, ex-Commander Jane “Hatchet” Williams stole the legendary ship Novaria and started an uprising against Draken forces. Many lives were lost but humanity ultimately regained their freedom! Join the battle - Build your ships - Fortify your fleet - Explore the expanding NovaVerse - Forge strategic alliances - Engage in epic battles - and Earn the ever-valuable $NOVA!




Crypto Support
  • Devices: Web, Android, IOS, Windows, MAC
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Free To Play Crypto Required
  • Play To Earn Crypto


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