Legends of Elysium

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Legends of Elysium is a Play-And-Earn fantasy project made as a Fusion of Card & Board games. Our goal is to build a thriving game ecosystem which gives players a perfect combination of challenging entertainment with earning opportunities. An extremely extensive token utility and high-end 2D and 3D graphics stands out LOE in the blockchain gaming industry. At Legends of Elysium, our objectives are: 1. Becoming the bridge between Gamers from traditional gaming industry and blockchain environment! It's Free to Play - No Entry Barrier. 2. Enabling eSports to everyone! Currently they are exclusively reserved for professional players, we are here to change that - get a ticket and compete in a fair test of your skills. 3. Giving true ownership of in-game assets to the players! We give a choice to the gamers - if they wish to mint NFT, they can do so at any time. 4. Delivering AAA quality game to the blockchain! We bring highly entertaining game and enable monetization of players time - simply Play AND Earn.

Market data

Current price (24H)
$0.050013 4.1%
Legends of Elysium (loe)
Market cap $1,133,372
Fully Diluted Valuation $10,002,861
24 Hour Trading Vol $185,272
Circulating supply 22,660,957.75
Total supply 200,000,000
24h High / 24h Low $0.050321 / $0.0472546
All-Time High $0.211191 -76.3%
May 12, 2024, 2 months ago
All-Time Low $0.02884923 73.6%
Jul 4, 2024, 18 days ago
Last updated: 5 minutes ago



Nft Crypto Support
  • Devices: Web
  • Blockchain: Polygon
  • Free To Play Yes
  • Play To Earn NFT & Crypto


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