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METASNAKE is a game created based on the classic game “Snake” with a twist of revolutionary PVP battle approach which makes the game more interesting while maintaining the simplicity of the game. SIMPLE BUT INTERESTING - Designed with Unity3D engine, you will be presented to a world with excellent visuals and seamless gaming experience. - Every hero has their own skill and role. Select 5 animal champions, formulate your combat strategies, and assemble a team of your own to challenge the other players! - Collect crystals to make your team grow in numbers (maximum 10 per team). - Competing in the arena to increase your ranking! The higher you get, the more rewards you will receive. YOUR OWN UNIQUE ANCIENT SPIRIT - Each ancient spirit will grant you a unique power. You can have your own ancient spirit. - Spanning across various combinations of 45 types of body, including eyes, mouth, nose, ears, body and accessories, with each coming in 6 different colors and 270 variations, 387 trillion versions of ancient spirits with different visual looks will be generated. - Among ancient spirit, Genesis is the most special one. The spirit that inherits from Genesis can even claim legendary appearances and special accessories! 2 MAIN ARENAS. FREE TO PLAY & PLAY FOR FUN - Players can enjoy playing METASNAKE freely anytime. - There will be two main types of arenas in the game. One is for non-paying users only and one is for non-paying users and paying users to battle together. - Non-paying users can join both arenas. Free to play!




Nft Crypto Support
  • Devices: Android, IOS
  • Blockchain: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain
  • Free To Play Yes
  • Play To Earn Crypto


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