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Orakler has a mission: To be pioneers in introducing an economic model that truly uses mathematics to solve the problems that an NFT game can generate. Therefore, several months ago, four friends, experts in different areas, got together to try to create a mathematically proven NFT game. The Problem How many times have you thought: "Why would you invest in a game if the rewards might get worse? Currently, NFT games have a big problem: their lifetime is often very short. With the exception of a few cases, most games try to incentivize people to get in by creating FOMO with continuous updates that usually improve the rewards, but is that what we really want when we do our calculations? We don't know about you, but we don't. The solution Orakler is presented as the first game that proposes a stable economy. To achieve this we propose the use of the following technologies: The Oracle is the base of our economy, based on the value of the dollar we establish the in-game rewards and the mint of the NFT's, being able in this way, to control that the benefits are stable in the long term. Do not alter the rewards. We understand that the real players are those who, before starting to play, calculate what profit they will have and how long they can get it, so we are committed to never change the rewards. In this way we will make both the in-game economy and the out-of-game economy sustainable over time. The latest Orakler is not just a simple NFT game. Besides having fun, you will learn about the world of decentralized finance. That's why we've called ourselves the first DEFIG in existence. But... What is a DEFIG? The acronym DEFIG stands for DEFI, the famous decentralized finance, and G, Game. We want to go beyond a simple game, ours will be an economic system based on the most important economic theories of today. A platform where you can earn money by playing. A matter of experience, not luck.




Nft Crypto Support
  • Devices: Web, Windows, MAC, Linux
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Free To Play NFT Required
  • Play To Earn Crypto


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