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Petto decentralized multiplayer world with fun-filled adventures for players and creators. Animal Conservation is a crucial aspect to us; therefore, Some of the Petto characters are directly linked to the number of remaining animals in the wildlife. By owning a Petto, playing the game, collecting and trading Petto’s, players actively support each of them. We will donate 15% to selected animal organizations and actively involve the Petto community in the decision-making! All Petto characters have a certain set of characteristics and are mainly divided in three categories. Ultra Petto, Mystical Petto and Petto. Ultra Pettos for example, are all representing real animals that are considered to be endangered and are on the red list of endangered species. The number of available Ultra Pettos are directly linked to their actual population in real life. Ultra Pettos have distinct powers that are represented visually and by their stats. All Pettos have their own character specific stats, a Panda Petto is stronger than a Rabbit Petto, etc. Those specific stats are relevant for the activities and games within the Pettoverse. All Pettos have general and dynamic stats in common as hunger, health, happiness, etc. Those stats can be influence by the players activities and impact the Pettos “performance” within the game. First mini-game is a Petto Camp which is an essential part of the future gameplay, where the players can train, and nurture their buddy and prepare them for the upcoming adventures and battles with other players. Moreover, from level 10 players get a play-earn badge and enable daily APES rewards. The ultimate gameplay is multiplayer open world where players have one or several compagnions PETTO’s and can participate in non violent game activities across the Pettoverse. Players and community members will be able to create their own spaces, items and share or exchange the items with other players.




  • Devices: Web, Android, Windows, MAC
  • Blockchain: Polygon
  • Free To Play NFT Required
  • Play To Earn NFT & Crypto


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