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Introducing the Stellar Invictus Project (TRYON token). Tryon is the native token that is the foundation of the Stellar Invictus world. The game is live and you can play today in our working Android app or on the web. Stellar Invictus is a 4X Sci-FI MMO game, in which players can play in massive online matches with up to 75 other players simultaneously. The game’s main goal is to teach players about crypto by incorporating an ecosystem built around the TRYON token. At launch 25% of token supply can be mined for FREE on asteroids in the game itself (potentially millions of mineable assets as we grow). Additionally, players can mine and vault Tryon securely in-game without the need for a crypto wallet, as a new approach to anonymous assets. FEATURE SUMMARY -Doxxed Dev -Detailed White Paper -Audited and already listed on CG -Fight in matches of 75 players that take about 2-4 weeks to complete. Not a single match will be the same! -Complex combat system with more than 60 different items to equip to your spaceships! -Manage your planets by building different buildings to increase your production and keep your population happy! -Dive into the story of Stellar Invictus by exploring one of the many in-game events that will occur! -And much more!



Crypto Support
  • Devices: Android
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Free To Play Yes
  • Play To Earn Crypto


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